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Typical Ligurian boat, ideal for private tours, visiting the coast of the Cinque Terre from the sea, discovering beaches and inlets, relaxing and swimming in crystal clear water.

8 people + skipper

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Motor boat + driver, ideal for visiting the Cinque Terre from the sea discovering beaches and coves, relaxing and swimming in crystal clear water.

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Escape the crowds…
Join our small, personal group aboard our comfortable and safe vessel, perfect for guests of all ages!
So climb aboard with our experienced captain for a unique and unforgettable cruise with people like you!


Wanna get an early start in the morning? Join our mid-morning tour and see the Cinque Terre coastline, swim at waterfalls, coves and secluded beaches and even decide whether you want to get off and walk around in the towns!
Embarks and returns to the marina in Riomaggiore.

10:00-13:00 (3 hours).
Check in: 9:45AM
Price: From €85

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Beat the crowds and enjoy the afternoon on the water! It’s the perfect way to catch some sun, sightsee and swim in the stunning Mediterranean sea!
Embarks and returns to the marina in Riomaggiore.

13:15-16:15 (3 hours)
Check in: 13:00
Price: From €85

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Available from June 1st to July 22nd

Spend the day hiking and end the day on a boat! Our late afternoon tours are a great way to jump in the water without the stress of having to find space on the beach! There’s nothing like seeing the Cinque Terre from the sea, not to mention the secluded beaches you can only get to by boat!
Embarks and returns to the marina in Riomaggiore.

16:30-19:30 (3 hours)
Check in: 16:15
Price: from €85

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Tour del tramonto

Una perfetta esperienza alle Cinque Terre non può definirsi completa senza godere della bellezza del mar Mediterraneo!
Unisciti a noi e guarda il sole immergersi sotto l’orizzonte lungo la pittoresca costa ligure.
Andata e ritorno dalla marina di Riomaggiore.

*Si prega di informarsi per gli orari di partenza (2 ore, vino e focaccia inclusi)
Prezzo: da €85

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